Heartwaves Design is dedicated to creating a safe space for sharing stories. Videos, documentaries, written stories, VOB video ebooks and media channels are the tools. We can together create a more beautiful future.

Dissociation.fi -project

HEALING TRIBE  Dissociation.fi is a new community of trauma & dissociation disorder survivors. We made a book Five women, hundred lives together. We [...]

VOB video books

VOB IS A NEW DIGITAL PUBLISHING PLATFORM Bring your book reading experience to a new level and let videos enrich it. You can watch and read VOB digital books with any browser; also [...]

Scraps of hope -project

POETIC RESISTANCE 1: DAMAI SIAPA, PEACE FOR WHOM? / VIDEO COLLAGE Poem by Indonesian activist, researcher, poet [...]

My own stories

FOOD - TOO MUCH TO DIGEST -DOCUMENTARY I found myself repeatedly with an empty fridge. A child inclusive this is not a good combination. I thought it might help [...]