Project Description

I found myself repeatedly with an empty fridge. A child inclusive this is not a good combination. I thought it might help if I felt good about food and maybe even started enjoying it. There are many sides to eating problems. This is my attempt to take a look at them in my life. Longer documentary starring myself and my daughter.

Production year: 2015
Script, camera, editing, sound: Heartwaves Design
Production: Heartwaves Design and Keuda, Helsinki
/ ENGLISH subtitles

Trauma1 book

I write books that help you walk your inner road. My first book Trauma1 was self-published. For the second book Viisi naista, sata elämää (Five women, hundred lives) I found 4 other writers on the internet chat for dissociation disorder survivors. It was published both as a physical book and a digital VOB (Videos on book). More books are on their way! 

In Trauma1 I emphasized the affect that sexual abuse during my childhood has had on my body, mind, personality growth and relationships.  I wanted to help others to recognize various strange states of mind & body, which occured as symptoms of traumatic stress and dissociative disorder. I wanted to encourage anyone with a traumatic background to get help and get their life back. This book has been widely bought by survivors, therapists, clinics, childrens homes and people living with survivors. My message is: Never give up! 

2012, self-published 
drawings, poems

In Five women, hundred lives there are stories about dissociative disorder. Five Finnish women open up their lives about past and present. They have all had traumatic experiences in childhood. Abuse and violence. You will get answers to questions like,” What happens to the mind of a child who has to overcome overwhelming experiences?”.” What is everyday life like as an adult when you carry hellish memories with you?”.” What kind of challenges may you encounter when searching for help?”.” What is the dissociated part of a personality?”

2016, VOB Kustannus
Graphic design by Heartwaves Design
paintings, photos, poems
videos in the VOB digital version
2017 English translation coming