Of change

Malaysia: old and new

Thaipusam Festival is a hindu festival celebrated by the Tamil community. It is a very strong celebration to purify the mind and body. Harsh body piercing, shaving heads of the whole family and carrying ‘paal kudam offerings are taking place whilst techno music is giving the beat and endurance to walk around the whole city in the shape of number 8. This was filmed in the festival.

Year: 2013
Video: Heartwaves Design on travel blogging

Namibia has ideas

Can entrepreneurship change Namibia? What can future Africa look like if young people can put their ideas into practise? This is a short video of business students in the Plemjive collective in Windhoek, Namibia as well as of rap artists in the Cabinet Reschuffle collective.

Year: 2011
In collaboration with: TAMK, Tampere University of Applied Science, Finland

Production, script, directing, sound:
Seija Hirstiö /
Camera, editing: Laura Tiainen
Additional camera: Jutta George
Language: English

Finland opens up

This is a video of Finnish writer and artist Rosa Liksom and I made it in the nineties! It is a very good portrait of those times of new and upcoming freedom in music, visuals, arts and writing.

Year: 1991
Script, camera: Seija Hirstiö
Sound: Emma Doubell
Editing: Seija Hirstiö
Styling: Mia Wallenius
Production: The Union of Finnish Writers and Seija Hirstiö
Language: Finnish / English subtitles coming soon

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