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Designing for

Magical visions

Mai Niemi is a Finnish designer, who is inspired by ancient Finnish culture and sustainability. Her fashion is genuine and natural: one size fashion for modern goddesses and city shamans. Mai wanted to share her magical ideology behind her design line. I created a playful video with amateur models and actors.

Year of production: 2013
Script, camera, styling, editing: Heartwaves Design

Violin: Kira Vuorio
Models: Petra Hirstiö, Lilja Kanerva, Essi Tolonen, Jouni Piekkari
Production: Mai Niemi and Heartwaves Design
Language: English

Heartwaves Design Food too much to digest

Documentary about eating problems

“I found myself repeatedly with an empty fridge. A child inclusive this is not a good combination. I thought it might help if I felt good about food and maybe even started enjoying it. There are many sides to eating problems. This is my attempt to take a look at them in my life.” Starring the documentarist Seija Virva Hirstiö herself.

Production year: 2015
Script, camera, editing, sound: Heartwaves Design
Production: Heartwaves Design and Keuda, Helsinki
Language: Finnish, English subtitles

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