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Empowering with media

Trauma & dissociation project

Trauma and Dissociation online project with book publishing and community creating was started out of necessity. A book Five Women, Hundred Lives was published both as a hard copy and as digital VOB (Videos on Book) including 12 videos made by survivors. The project idea was created by Heartwaves Design and media tools were used to empower people.

This initiative has built new connections between survivors, therapists, psychiatrists not only in Finland but internationally and is ever growing to new forms of action taken by survivors. BELOW two of videos.

BOOKS /graphic design: Heartwaves Design
VIDEOS: Heartwaves Design together with authors
WEB DESIGN: Heartwaves Design (dissociation.fi)
BUY BOOKS: VOB Publisher

Olivia´s story

Olivia is dancer and survivor of trauma and dissociative disorder. The song is not translated into English but the message is: “If I only could have one day without being broken. If one day was different. If my memories belonged to someone else.” You can get the feeling of the video just watching it. (Paintings above are also by Olivia)

Dancer: Olivia
Song/singer: Lasinen mieli / Puistomäki
Camera, editing, script: Heartwaves Design
Script: Olivia
Production: Dissociation.fi
Lanuage: song in Finnish

Irene´s story

Irene´s life story is one of struggle and great strength; leaving a strict religious cult on her own to live in a children´s home, to being mother and skydiving teacher. Following with years of hospital stay and becoming a survivor with new hope. Nowadays she already walks, roller-skates and studies. She says that this peer support started her way up towards healing.

Video & photo archives: Irene
Script, editing: Heartwaves Design
Production: Dissociation.fi
Language: Finnish / English subtitles

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