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Hidden narratives

About Scraps of Hope

Scraps of hope is ethnographic and political research about peace in Aceh, Indonesia. It is part of Marjaana Jauhola´s academic study. I am collaborating on making the 12 mini documentaries. I spent only 2 weeks in Aceh but Marjaana has years of street research behind her work.

The lives of people are followed through their everyday experiences and art. They offer insights into the relations of power and structures of violence that are embedded in the peace. City of Banda Aceh has gone through rebuilding in the aftermath of the Indian Ocean tsunami and thirty years of armed conflict. Aceh is governed by very strict Sharia´s law.

Rest of the videos follow lives of transman & about to divorce woman (only for very private view). There are interviews of head of Shari´a department and of political activists found in my YouTube channel as well as two more videos ex-combatant talking about leadership and healing work.

Read more about Marjaana´s work: marjaanajauhola.wordpress.com and about the project: scrapsofhope.fi

Production year: 2015-2017
Camera, editing, script: Heartwaves Design
Research, additional camera, script: Marjaana Jauhola
Transcripts and translations: Evi Susianti, Mifta Sugesti
Language: Indonesian or Aceh local / English subtitles
Web design: Heartwaves design (scrapsofhope.fi)
Production: Scraps of Hope/Marjaana Jauhola
Funded by: Finnish Cultural Foundation

Peace for whom?

Video collage by Indonesian activist, researcher, poet and dancer Zubaidah Djohar. “Damai Siapa – Peace for Whom?” -poem asks what is the life like for women in Aceh.

From fighter to Sufist healer

Ex-combatant, freedom fighter turned into Sufi-healer and living his life in poverty. Life in Aceh carries many wounds of injustice.

On Motherhood

Cha Cha is Chinese christian woman living in the Islamic Aceh. Her life story has many sorrows from tsunami and hard struggle with her mother. She is a believer of hope.

Being a single mother

Aziza is a single mother and a skillful gardener living in Banda Aceh. Her life is struggle for losing a lot in Tsunami but she does not give up easily.

Dream catcher

Mila is working her way up to the middle class of otherwise poor region of Indonesia. She has many businesses with her husband from henna tattoo to carousel equipment. She is a very strong headed woman.

Because you are a woman

Poetic Resistance II: “Because You Are a Woman” is poetic dance based on the Poem by Indonesian activist, researcher, poet and dancer Zubaidah Djohar. Vocals by Rita and English translation by Heather Curnow.

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